Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Magnificent Houses - Pink Princess Apartment *** Casas Magníficas - Apartamento da Princesa Rosadon't

Apologies for the boys cause today, the post is dedicated to all the girlish, barbie girls out there who dreamed of having her own pink house at 18! Well I did have my own small apartment at 19 but it was furnished and not this nice white and pink!... What a lucky girl!


Que me desculpem os rapazes mas o post de hoje é completamente dedicado a todas as meninas, femininas e muito barbies por aí que sonhavam ter uma mini-casa cor-de-rosa aos 18!! Bom eu tive a minha primeira mini casa aos 19 mas era alugada, mobilada e era não era gira e côr-de-rosa como esta. Sortuda esta menina, einh!?

wouldn't you die about a pink smeg?!?

There, her name is Laura Terp Hansen. she lives in Denmark she is and interior designer and she is the lucky girl!

Até Amanhã
Ana Antunes


  1. Ohhhhh You are killing me with these pictures....Pink is my favorite color :)))) and that smeg/fridge is just way too cute I want one :)))

  2. Pink and white...I LOVE it! The floors are amazing here, I adore white painted floors! (My 2 dogs and 2 cats would as well!)

  3. I just came across your blog and I am loving everything! Your home is incredibly beautiful :)

  4. How all the pink and the smeg frig...fabulous!!

  5. As a huge pink addict, I am *dying* over this space!!! That pink dresser should be mine! Love it!!!

  6. Mas que casa tão fofa!!!! Mesmo feminina, adoro, adoro!!!! :) Gosto bastante dos frigoríficos da SMEG. O meu frigorífico de sonho desta marca é mesmo o que tem a bandeira inglesa. Manias... eheheh

  7. This is seriously my dream apartment - all pink and no boys allowed!


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